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Art and Significance of Neck Kisses in Relationships

Art and Significance of Neck Kisses in Relationships


Intimacy is an art and you can be a master at it too. Attaining sexual pleasure isn't just about reaching orgasm but it's a little journey to that La-la land which makes it all worthwhile. From holding hands to sharing a romantic conversation and leading to foreplay with your love, builds up the atmosphere that tingles the sexual sensations. And how can we not talk about neck kisses when it comes to foreplay! Neck kisses are the simplest yet most exciting way to get your partner weak in the knees. Be it a male, female or any other gender, neck kisses are desirable by every gender. 

Top Reasons Why Neck Kisses Are Important

Here, we've penned down some of the reasons as to why neck kisses are the perfect way to unravel your fantasies and what's the “science” behind it: 

Erogenous zones / sensitive parts are triggered

Neck kiss triggers the erogenous zones of the body which are the most sensitive parts that instil sexual emotions when stimulated and lead to arousal. Imagine that tingling feeling that runs down your spine and makes you feel heavenly? That's what we're talking about. When these erogenous zones such as the neck, inner wrist, ears, navel, scalp, inner arms, nipples, lips, A-spot, G-spot and so on, are stimulated, they send signals to your brain resulting in sexual pleasure and excitement. There are so many erogenous zones all over your body that trigger these emotions of being turned on, and the neck is one of these. 

Foreplay is the key!

Foreplay is such a blessing we really don't mind saying! Foreplay allows you to study your partner's body and reactions while you give each other pleasure. It makes you crave for your partner and if done right, you maybe would wanna eat them up! 

Kissing, nibbling, licking and caressing each other passionately will spice things up for you and your partner. Start slow and gradually you both can get into the tempo and raise it up. And what'll be a cherry on top of the cake? You guessed it right. Neck kisses win the deal! You can make your partner go crazy by kissing, licking, touching or even gently biting their neck. If you wanna go a little wild then give them a hickey to remember! 

Builds a connection with your partner 

When you kiss your partner on the amazing curves of their neck, the nerve endings are stimulated that send signals to the brain and the release of happy hormones occurs, which makes your partner feel a heavenly experience within. It's an effective and beautiful way to build an intimate connection with your partner. 

Hope these simple yet thoughtful reasons come in handy for your intimate moments. The whole idea here is to understand each other's body reactions, what your partner desires and even what they don't desire will take you on the road to learning this beautiful art of sexual pleasure and intimacy. Go slow, make eye contact, praise each other, feel each other's touches and create a connection before going all out there. Because hey! The whole idea is to make this a play of love, emotions and pleasures. So, the playground is yours to manoeuvre!

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