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Is It Right to Have Anal Sex for You?

Is It Right to Have Anal Sex for You?


If you're considering experiencing anal sex with your partner, then there's good news for you. You're entering another phase of your relationship! Yet another milestone with your partner that'll take your pleasure to the next level. But, there are certain things that you need to take note of if you're a first timer to not just enhance your experience but also rule out the chances of contaminating any infections or injuries in this beautiful journey. You don't wanna end up at the doctor's clinic the next morning, don't you! So, we've got your back (not literally) here with some tips and hacks for your “backdoor” expedition. Read on to know more. 

Tips For A Good Anal Sex Exploration

Cleanup before getting into the act

Having a clean and properly washed anus and butt area is a must! We cannot emphasise this further. Make sure to carefully wash and dry up the area, ready to take on the BIG exploration! Infact, some people prefer to do enema at home, before planning for anal sex. It helps to clean up any faeces that might be present in the anal area. Although it isn't a must, you can do it if you're too finicky or anxious about ending up with poop on your bedsheets. That won't happen! But we're just saying, because maybe that's what you'd be thinking.

Make Foreplay a THING! 

Foreplay! Foreplay! Foreplay! We cannot start to tell you the beauty of foreplay and the excitement it builds up before you get into performing the actual “act”. Foreplay not only levels up your arousal but it also loosens up your body and preps you for what's coming next! So, indulge in a sizzling foreplay sesh with your partner to make things HOT and tempting! 

Communication is the key!

Discuss with your partner, what they desire and how they want to go about it. Just like any other type of sex, anal sex is consensual as well. It's important for you two to be on the same page. You can talk about every tiny detail about it to make them comfortable and at ease. This will also make your bond stronger and more beautiful with them. You two can prepare the evening by lighting some scented candles, bringing in a bottle of your favourite wine and some chocolates and fragrant oils to make the environment romantic. Also, make sure to decide on a safe word! When you get into the act, maybe either of you would find it much more overwhelming, so it's important to keep a safe word to keep things smooth and not end up traumatic. Even while performing anal, make sure to communicate with your partner - ask them if they're comfortable, liking it, loving it, they want you to go slow or faster. Whatever it is, communicate it with each other! 

Stock up on a good Lube

Enough isn't enough! It's a first time for you too, so stock up on a good lubricant to keep things slippery and smooth. This will rule out the chances of any injury. Because the anus is quite tight, it does take some time to get there. So, you'd need lots of lube. It won't leave any “bone” broken or anyone hurt! 

Go wild with Anal masturbation or sex toys 

You can try out anal stimulation with fingers, before you decide to do the actual thing. This can help you and your partner be more comfortable and in charge. You two can know each other's preferences, reactions and this'll rule out the uncomfortable possibilities as well. You can try out some sex toys as well to stimulate the area and have fun! There are no rules to this, you can unravel your own path your own way. The main motive is for you and your partner to have fun and experience something extravagant together!

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