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Internal & External Massager

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The Cruise, Holland and Hardy of Fun!

-  Body-safe, platinum-grade silicone

-  Perfect for beginners and pros

-  10 modes

-  Shower friendly

-  USB-chargeable

-  1.5 hour run-time

-  Phthalate and latex-free

-  Compatible with water-based lubricants

-  100% discreet delivery

Pay Later & Pay in Installments

Platinum grade silicone. Phthalate and latex-free, soft-touch.
  • Height-12.9 cm
  • Weight-3.9 cm
  • Width: 367 grm
100 days warranty*
  • Battery Capacity: 300mah
  • Run time: 50 minutes (highest speed), 80 minutes (lowest speed)
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
How to use:
Press and hold the power button for THREE seconds to start.
To switch between the vibration modes click the power button once.
To turn OFF the Vibrations, press & hold the power button for three seconds until it stops vibrating. Tom Product me.
Clean before and after every use with a mild, unscented hand or dish soap.
  • Tom
  • storage pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • instruction manual

cutest pastel coloured friend

silicone for that "HUMAN TOUCH"

perfect for first-timers and pros

cutest pastel coloured friend

48% OFF
Rs. 2699Rs. 5290

silicone for that "HUMAN TOUCH"

48% OFF
Rs. 2699Rs. 5290

perfect for first-timers and pros

48% OFF
Rs. 2699Rs. 5290

cutest pastel coloured friend

silicone for that "HUMAN TOUCH"

perfect for first-timers and pros


  • Is Tom safe for both internal and external use?

    Tom is designed primarily as an external body massager. If any discomfort occurs, stop using the product immediately.

    With that being said - here are some general guidelines on what to expect from a pricing standpoint.

  • How big is Tom?

    Tom is small and compact, sizing up at 129 x 39mm. It's designed to fit in your hand and is ultra lightweight, so you can take it wherever you go. Say goodbye to those clunky, awful looking massagers.

  • How do I clean and store Tom?

    You can use a silicone-compatible cleaning agent, or simply wash with warm water and soap. We recommend washing Tom before and after each use. Just dry it off with a towel before using. While storing, make sure Tom is dry and clean. Don't use any alcohol, gasoline or acetone cleaners.

  • What is Tom made of?

    Tom is made of platinum-grade, body-safe Silicone + ABS, and is free of BPA, phthalate and latex.

  • Can I use Tom with Lube?

    We recommend using Tom with a water-based lubricant of your choice (like Moan). Avoid using silicone or oil-based lubricants as it can damage the product.

  • Why does Tom become warm after extended use?

    Since Tom is made of silicon, and silicone naturally warms up by experiencing friction, it is completely normal for Tom to reach roughly the same temperature as human skin,or perhaps even a little hotter. If the heat becomes uncomfortable, just switch it off and let it cool down.

  • I put the charging cable in but my Tom won't charge.Help!

    Sometimes it can take a little jiggling to get the induction required to charge. Try removing and re-inserting the pointed end of the charger. When re-inserting, go slowly and wait for the red light on Pulse's base, indicating it is charging.

  • Can i carry this massager in my luggage on domestic or international flights?

    You can travel with any of our massagers, but be sure NOT to pack them in your check-in baggage. As with any other electronic devices, you should carry your massager in your hand-baggage, due to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. If inspected by a security officer, simply tell them it's a battery-operated massaging device (voila!).

  • How long does Tom last

    Like with most electronic items, if Tom is well taken care of (stored properly, charged regularly and cleaned frequently), then it can last for several years. The average lifespan of a well cared for massager is 2-3 years, depending on usage. The battery can become less effective over time so we recommend replacing Pulse when needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Order ID (mandatory): The multiple vibrations that my girlfriend loved it she use it daily and she loved the size to take in she was getting so much fun now the days
Good product

The multiple vibrations that my girlfriend loved it she use it daily and she loved the size to take in she was getting so much fun now the days

thank you :)

Order ID (mandatory): 10743
Amazing product

My girlfriend like raju that easy to carry everywhere she like the multiple vibrations and she loved to use daily after she get the product she do a daily and have some much fun

we're happy to know that :)

Order ID (mandatory): 4731

Nice Product good price

Rekha Singh
Order ID (mandatory): 5692

Peppy's best thing is the tom

Order ID (mandatory): 7795
Love the way Tom feels

Resonable price as comparison to other brands and product quality also so.. good....!


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