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Rediscover Passionate Love With Your Partner: The Art of French Kissing

Rediscover Passionate Love With Your Partner: The Art of French Kissing


A lot of us have heard of and (most likely) experienced French kissing with our partners. But this piece of writing might guide you to spice things up with your partner even more and spark that fire between you two! 

French kiss is when you slightly open your lips and use a little bit of the tongue to play along your partner's lips and tongue. You synchronise with your partner's reactions and increase the intensity to arouse them. It's the use of tongue and lips to increase each other's sexual pleasure. Also, some people have a misconception that it only involves the tongue. The answer is No! French kiss involves a little bit of the tongue, you don't want your partner to be feeling creeped out, do you? But it depends on how you desire it. So, you can go as wild as you want or keep it subtle and passionate.

Here are some simple tips to make your French kissing moments even more exciting: 

Start slow 

You don't wanna come across too strong. So, take things slow. Be gentle and caress their body, touch their sensitive points and run your fingers through their hair to get them in the mood. This will turn on both of you and you’ll crave for each other even more. 

Kiss their neck & look into their eyes 

Neck kissing is every girl's favourite part! It makes her want you. But make sure to do it right. You need to be a little softer, but not so much that it tickles her and neither too harsh that it puts her off. Start slowly, give a few pecks on her neck while holding her close to yourself and gently start to lick it and kiss it. 

Make sure your breath smells fresh & clean 

Smelling good and having a good breath is ALWAYS the deal maker. Make sure to shower, use a sexy cologne and perfume and chew some mint. Maybe keep some nick-nacks or mouth fresheners handy for you two to play along while making it hot! It can be a good foreplay act. 

Kiss the lips first 

Always make the surroundings comfortable and sensual to lose each other in the act of love. Gently kiss the lower lip, then the upper lip while holding them close to yourself. Feel each other's bodies melting into each other. 

Play with your tongue 

Next up, gently lick the lower lip with your tongue. Play along with your tongue before you dig in deeper. Now, as you kiss their lips, press your tongue gently into theirs while pulling your partner closer to yourself. Now, you two can synchronise the movements as you play along and feel each other's breath, increasing the intensity. You can bite their lower lip gently in between. But be careful not to bite it too hard as that can really put things off. 

Mix foreplay with your kiss 

Foreplay is amazing! Don't forget to take a quick pause in between to caress their body, run your fingers through their hair, and squeeze their hand strongly, as you continue to kiss them- lip locked! 

We hope these tips will come in handy for you and your partner. French kissing for a minute can make you burn up to 4-5 calories. So, a long passionate kiss can lead to burning up to 26 calories! Would you try it? 

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