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This is a basic beginner's routine that will familiarize the newcomer with fundamental tongue strokes. It will keep finger work to bare minimum and encourage the observation of sexual response.

►Level: Beginner◄

►Stage 1: First Kiss (less than one minute) TONGUE: Long, slow tongue stroke; bottom to top. Be as light and gentle as possible. HAND: Both hands under buttocks, legs partially separated. Firm grip.

►Stage 2: Establishing Rhythm (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Vertical halfway licks (5), followed by long tongue stroke that brushes clitoral head. Focus on labia and frenulum; only brush clitoral head on full stroke, not halfway ones. FINGERS: Single finger (index) inserted partially into vaginal entrance. HAND: Move one hand out from under butt in order to insert finger. Use one hand to get a firm grip and straddle both cheeks.

►Stage 3: Developing Tension (five to ten minutes) TONGUE: Alternate vertical strokes of the tongue with horizontal strokes. On vertical strokes, try to just graze bottom of the clitoral head without fully hitting it. Focus on brushing the head on horizontal strokes. For every five vertical, do one horizontal. FINGERS: Maintain single finger in vaginal entrance. Focus on feeling pelvic muscles. Let your other fingers graze vulva and perineum. HAND: Maintain support.

►Stage 4: Escalation (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Continue vertical and horizontal strokes. Integrate tongue press against clitoral head. Hold for five seconds. FINGERS: Insert second finger into vaginal entrance. Press fingers against vaginal ceiling. Feel for clitoral cluster. HAND: As you support buttocks, straddling both cheeks, try to stimulate perineum with your thumb.

►Stage 5: Pre orgasm (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Press tongue into clitoral head. Focus on pressure, slow down tongue stroke as you provide resistance. Let her move against your tongue. FINGERS: With two fingers inserted (palm up), use your thumb to press against frenulum and provide requisite pressure. Keep fingers inside, but make sure that thumb against frenulum is your priority. HAND: Use your hand to support buttocks and maintain clitoral contact; keep her in position. Make sure her legs are close together. You should feel her inner thighs press against your hand that is inserted in vaginal entrance.

►Stage 6: Orgasm (less than one minute) TONGUE: Focus on pressing your tongue into clitoral head. Feel her push against you. Maintain pressure. Observe orgasmic contractions and hold in position throughout. After contractions, lick clitoral head once lightly. She should recoil to touch. FINGERS: Feel pelvic muscles throb against fingers. Focus on maintaining pressure with thumb against frenulum. HAND: Focus on maintaining position as she enters period of spasmodic orgasmic contractions. Use your hand to press up against buttocks and keep clitoral head aligned with tongue.

COMMENTS: Focus on observing the process of sexual response and learning how your tongue stimulates reaction. Remember to be gentle and slow with your tongue and don't over stimulate the clitoral head too early in the process. Toward the end, remember to let her establish rhythm and move against you and to focus on keeping her in position as you maintain direct clitoral contact through final orgasm. If need be, incorporate a vibrator into routine in lieu of fingers, and focus on tongue strokes.


This routine will introduce more complex tongue strokes as well as further integrate the use of fingers. We will also introduce anal stimulation. This is a base line routine in that all major areas are now being fully stimulated.

►Level: Intermediate ◄

►Stage 1: First Kiss (less than one minute) TONGUE: Nibble your way through the first kiss. Spend time nibbling inner lips before nibbling clitoral head. FINGERS: Clasp perineal tissue throughout first kiss. Index finger should be inside, thumb on outside. HAND: Support buttocks. Massage with fingertips.

►Stage 2: Establishing Rhythm (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Alternate vertical, horizontal strokes. Introduce diagonal strokes. FINGERS: Focus single finger on clitoral cluster. Massage the area behind frenulum with index finger as you press it from the outside with thumb. HAND: Press thumb against perineum.

►Stage 3: Developing Tension (five to ten minutes) TONGUE: Gum press. Introduce new tongue stroke: a literary lick, or rope-a-dope, in which you alternate flat, still tongue with attack of gentle strokes against head. FINGERS: Insert second finger into vaginal entrance. Maintain fingertip clasp against clitoral cluster, but raise tops of fingers so you are pressing into clitoral cluster against vaginal ceiling. Continue to stimulate frenulum with thumb. HAND: Maintain support and thumb-press against perineum.

►Stage 4: Escalation (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Continue routine from previous stage, but increase gum pressure. Try scraping front commissure and top of head with teeth. Press teeth against clitoral area. FINGERS: Maintain proper come-hither clasp of three key areas: frenulum, clitoral cluster. HAND: As you support buttocks with your hand, straddling both cheeks, graze anal area with thumb.

►Stage 5: Pre orgasm (three to five minutes) TONGUE: Deepen gum pressure. Focus on strokes that are more varied and less predictable in rhythm. Introduce an element of dissonance into the process. FINGERS: As you maintain position, massage clitoral cluster without breaking fingertip contact. HAND: Insert tip of thumb into anus.

►Stage 6: Orgasm (less than one minute) TONGUE: Maintain deep gum pressure. As you feel orgasmic contractions, apply light tongue flourishes that “spike” the orgasm.

FINGERS: As you feel orgasmic contraction, maintain pressure with fingertip against clitoral cluster and thumb tip against frenulum.

HAND: Focus on keeping legs together, supporting clitoral contact, and maintaining tip of thumb in anus. Observe contractions of sphincter in addition to pelvic floor muscles.

COMMENTS: In this routine, you are integrating all major components. In particular your fingers are stimulating the clitoral cluster and the frenulum with one hand, and the anus with the thumb of the other. You are also varying your tongue strokes and introducing a dash of unpredictability into the rhythm that teases and heightens the process. During orgasm, in addition to maintaining firm pressure throughout, you are also “spiking” the process with light tongue flourishes.


This is an approach that focuses almost exclusively on tongue strokes and the stimulation of the visible parts of the clitoral network; in short, no finger work. Additionally, the tongue strokes employed on the surface of the vulva should be as light and gentle as possible. In this manner, you will ever so slowly tease her to orgasm, and when it comes, it will be sharp and light, without the fullness that results when internal parts of the clitoris are manually stimulated as well.

• During the process, do not insert a single finger inside her, and use your hands to vary her position and the angle of her vulva to your tongue.

• Push up her legs with both of your hands and prop her up on her butt, or raise a single leg; position her on her side in a semi split position and use your tongue to graze the inside of her vaginal ceiling and clitoral cluster.

• But, in general, stick to the surface. Get as close to licking her as possible without actually licking her, and then graze the clitoral head.

• Use your thumbs to part her outer lips and fully reveal the clitoral head and hood, and then skim the area with your tongue.

• This approach will prove excruciatingly tantalizing. Intersperse your light tongue strokes with a still, flat tongue that she can move against, but don't provide her with the friction or resistance that would generally come as a result of applying your fingers and gum.

• Once she enters the pre orgasm phase (and it may take a while), bring her legs together as close as possible, while still having access to her vulva, and place your hand under her butt. • With your free hand, press up on her pubic mound and tighten her vaginal entrance. Continue to apply light strokes against the head until she come.

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