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Why is tongue so important in intimacy

Why is tongue so important in intimacy


The tongue is the instrument that lets us speak many languages, foremost among them the language of love. But having the right tool is just a start; you need to know how to use it. Let us know why and how it can play an important role while being with your partner!


A woman's orgasm is complex and often elusive, and many men are unable to control their penises with enough precision to properly guide a woman through the stages of arousal. The 

tongue, on the other hand, is under our direct control, has no time constraints, and can be manipulated with expert precision.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that women whose lovers give them direct clitoral stimulation during sexual activity are likelier to climax consistently. But because of its location, most sexual positions (especially missionary-style) do not properly stimulate the clitoris.

The tongue, an array of muscles and nerves held together by a membrane covered with thousands of taste buds, is the most versatile sex organ we possess. About growing fatigued, nor does he need to fret over premature ejaculation or impotence. He can relax and enjoy the act of giving. It's the only muscle in the body that's not attached at both ends. We can touch, taste, and lick with it.

Most men consider cunnilingus an aspect of foreplay, an appetizer to be served before the main meal of genital intercourse.

But according to author Paula Kamen, "In a study of sexually knowledgeable and experienced women who use a vibrator, the most common type of stimulation that usually or always triggers an orgasm is oral sex."

So perhaps we need to find a word other than "foreplay" in order to properly classify and appreciate the importance of cunnilingus.

Sex provides efficiently for male orgasm and inefficiently for female orgasm. If you paint a landscape in fine, subtle watercolors, would you use a soft, flexible brush, or a cumbersome, unwieldy roller? Making love with one's penis is like trying to write calligraphy with a thick Magic Marker.

Unlike the penis, it's effective when hard or soft and never gets overheated. When using his tongue, a man doesn't have to worry.


  • Sucking fingers

  • Tracing the outside of the lips with the tip of your tongue

  • Tracing the outline of the ears

  • Using the tongue as a summoning signal (like performing a "come here" motion)

  • Tracing booty cheeks before analingus

  • Licking foods off of various parts of the body

  • Using the tongue for penetration

  • Licking or tickling vulva lips or the perineum

  • Feeding your partner with your tongue


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